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Book Layouts: Front/back Cover design, InDesign page-layout, Table of Contents, graphics, illustrations, etc.

      contact: Brad Reynolds

Constructed from Word documents (or other sources) into Adobe InDesign, the professional layout program, to generate high-quality press-ready PDFs
for a printer or self-publishing, such as at Create Space or Lulu (and other on-line publishers)...
    ~ I also can edit and offer other suggestions, since I am a published author too (please see my page "Brad's Books")

I can help you organize your images, create illustrations, and construct the layout for your book you always envisioned!

Prices usually range between $500 - $1000 for smaller books (less images), to more for complicated books (with lots of graphics).

Let me give you an estimate -- and serve you in fulfilling your dream of publishing your book!