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Journals & Proposals: InDesign layout; Illustrator line-illustrations, charts, graphs, etc.
    contact: Brad Reynolds

    Illustrator for the ground-breaking Journal of Integral Theory and Practice



"Brad Reynolds is the only designer we use for the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (JITP). He is reliable, punctual, detail-oriented, and 

has been a joy to work with.  Among his strengths are flexibility—JITP publishes articles from many fields, thus Brad might be called on to 

illustrate hand drawings from an economist one day, a minister the next, an ecologist the next, etc.—sensitivity to the quality and deadlines 

of a project, and excellence in both illustration and editorial contexts. He has made my job as JITP’s managing editor much easier, and I give him 

my highest recommendation."

Lynwood Lord, Managing Editor

Journal of Integral Theory and Practice





RWISO Journal for Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists 

"Brad Reynolds was the lead production artist for a new journal, one with many photos and layout challenges. He handled all the various obstacles professionally and with a good attitude, even when unexpected changes came in. The files went to the printer on time and on budget. The client was extremely pleased with excellent outcome."

Anne Evers, Project Manager

Anne Evers Communications, Inc.


 Company Proposals: InDesign layout, charts, graphs, etc.