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Brad Reynolds has written an eloquent, passionate, beautiful book about my ideas. I believe it will help many people come to an   appreciation of a more inclusive, more comprehensive, more integral way to think and feel about the world, and to find a happy, realized, awakened place in it.”

                                                                                                                  —Ken Wilber, author of A Theory of Everything

 Where's Wilber At? Ken Wilber's Integral Vision in the New Millennium (2006, Paragon House)


“The most profound and satisfying book to date about the cutting edge of Ken Wilber’s integral vision. Reynolds leads us with clarity step by step through the most complex and subtle aspects of Wilber’s thinking about post modernity, post-metaphysical theory, the perennial philosophy, the Combs/Wilber matrix, and much more. Highly recommended for those who want to keep up with one of the great intellectual path-finders of our generation.” 

Allan Combs, Ph.D., University of North Carolina.

                          author of The Radiance of Being



“Brad Reynolds’ Where’s Wilber At? is an impressive synthesis of Ken Wilber’s integral theory, meticulously explaining the philosophical leaps that define each of the phases of this great philosopher’s evolving work. A fabulous complement to Wilber’s own writing, Reynolds’ book provides penetrating insight into the personal circumstances and influences that have shaped the thinking of the most important visionary of our time."    

Andrew Cohen, Spiritual teacher and founder of

                           What Is Enlightenment?Magazine


    “Many people, in the course of two decades, have approached me with popularizations of my          work, but I've always declined to get involved. Brad Reynolds' work is the first I've seen that        is truly impressive.”

                                                                                                  —Ken Wilber, author of The Marriage of Sense and Soul

Embracing Reality: The Integral Vision of Ken Wilber:
A Historical Survey and Chapter-By-Chapter Guide to Wilber's Major Works
 (2004, Tarcher/Penguin)


“Ken Wilber continues to push the boundaries of knowledge to ever more profound and encompassing reaches, and Brad Reynolds continues to follow him and provide lucid, compelling commentaries. I am impressed by how thoroughly Reynolds has mastered Wilber’s work.”

Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., University of California,                         
                          author of Essential Spirituality

“An excellent introduction to the work of a contemporary philosophical genius. Brad Reynolds has made this fascinating material readily accessible to a wide audience with depth and clarity."

Frances Vaughan, Ph.D., author of The Inward Arc: Healing in              
                                              Psychotherapy and Spirituality

 Illustrations by Brad Reynolds in Where's Wilber At?