BUDDHISM In God’s Great Tradition of Global Wisdom

A short (around two-minute) video promotion for the book: Buddhism in God’s Great Tradition of Global Wisdom (available as paperback and Kindle eBook from Amazon.com) – which is chapter excerpts from Brad Reynolds' magnum opus God’s Great Tradition of Global Wisdom: Guru Yoga-Satsang in the Integral Age (also on Amazon) –introduces the reader to Buddhism, begun with Gautama Buddha and now a worldwide Wisdom teaching of Enlightenment. Not to be missed! Get your copy now!


These excerpted chapters from God’s Great Tradition of Global Wisdom focus arise from the author’s deep love for all of the various traditions and Maha-Siddhas of Buddhism gathered from decades of studying and reading their sacred sutras, from taking meditation seminars with modern Buddhist teachers, but most especially from his resonance and love for the Root Adept of Buddhism itself: The Buddha (or “Awakened One”), known as Siddhartha Gautama (Siddhattha Gotama in Pali), also known as Shakyamuni (of the Shakya tribe in northern India). Reynolds’ larger book focuses on all of the Awakened Adepts of humankind, what Adi Da calls “Adept-Realizers,” or those people who are the true source of all the world’s religions. Every Adept—or Buddha—woman or man, was at one time a living, breathing, human being who reached our full potential by discovering Nirvana (or Buddha-Nature) for themselves, then teaching its wisdom to others, the real truth—the Prior Reality of Real God—revealing the truth of the universe and our born existence.